I chose Article 2 as the one to provide graphic images for.  After reading the article I felt it was clearly divided into three sections; one focusing on the carbon footprint, one focusing on the cost of the carbon emissions, and one focusing on the measurement and decrease of carbon emissions, with all of these sections related to the 2010 Winter Olympics. 

For the first section I chose an image of a footprint with different forms of waste in it, illustrating the carbon footprint left by people.  For the second image I chose smokestacks with money coming out, thus illustrating the financial impact of the emissions.    For the third image I chose a decreasing chart to illustrate measuring emissions, as well as the projected decrease.    Of the three images, the carbon footprint would be the main image and would be larger than the other ones as I believe that is the central theme of the article.  Without the carbon emissions we would have nothing that costs money and nothing to measure or decrease.

 I chose to use illustrations instead of pictures as I felt it was more the tone of the article.  Including photos would have been too specific, whereas these images support the article but do not define it.  If a reader were to just look at the images there could be many different stories it could pertain to, thus “allow(ing) the reader to participate with his or her own imagination”.   I believe that each image enhances the document by taking the main points down to singular thought and providing corresponding visual representations.